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Extracts data from the corrupt Zip archive using a reliable data recovery program

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Zip Archive Repair Tool

A zip archive stores large data in compressed form. Large files and folders occupy unnecessary space of the hard disk. Therefore to optimize the disk space, several folders and files of a window partition are compressed in a single folder using different compression algorithms. Microsoft has added inbuilt zip archiver in Window XP and newer versions. You can compress several files and folders of your system drive in a single zip archive using inbuilt WinZip utility of Window XP or other third party utilities.


The zip file occupies less space of storage device as it stores data in compressed folder. However, like other window data files, zip archives are also vulnerable to various corruption threats such as virus and spyware intrusion, corrupt storage media, improper download and software crash. You cannot unzip files and folders from a corrupt zip archive.

There are different ways to repair corrupt zip archive. For example, if your zip file fails to extract data due to broken or incomplete download, you should download again that file from the website. Virus and spyware codes damage the window registry folder and some data in your window drive becomes inaccessible. You therefore, must scan the infected zip archives or other files regularly with a licensed antivirus program.

However, unknown corruption errors of zip folder cannot be repaired manually. You need external zip archive repair software to extract files and folders from a badly damaged zip folder. The zip archive repair utility uses self explanatory graphical interface that helps both technical and non-technical persons in zip file recovery. It fixes CRC and other errors of Zip folder. Zip archive repair software supports zip folders created with Winzip or other compression tools. It is also capable to extract data from the large zip folder. The software supports different file formats of zip folder such as .ZIP, .RAR,.ZIPX, .ISO, .TAR and others.

Evaluation version of Zip Archive Repair

The free version of Zip Archive Repair utility can be used for evaluating its key functions and features. The evaluation program generates a preview list of all repaired zip folders. However, the repaired zip folders can be saved only with a licensed version of Zip Archive Repair software.